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Population, Health and Social Change in Eurasia: Home

This guide is designed for the 2016 Ralph and Ruth Fisher Forum organized by Professor Cynthia Buckley


Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, the numerous transformations in population, health, and social structures, and the complexities associated with these issues, cannot be adequately addressed or confined to a single guide to resources.  The 2016 Fisher Forum on Population, Health and Social Change in Eurasia spans across regions, cultures, ethnic groups, and languages. 

This guide does not reflect the full diversity of this region, nor is it comprehensive. Instead, this guide features resources curated by the moderator, Prof. Cynthia Buckley, and Fisher Forum presenters.  In addition to the resources compiled by the moderator, the Slavic Reference Service staff have added relevant materials and resources from the University Library.  As one of the Russian, East European, and Eurasian Studies collections in North America, the University Library holds invaluable research materials for this forum.  Specifically, the world renowned reference collection in the International and Area Studies Library, which includes the following relevant sources (see: Migration Gudies)

SSSR--SNG--Rossiia: geografiia naseleniia i sotsial'naia geografiia 1985-1996. Analitiko-bibliograficheskii obzor. UIUC Call Number:  016.30420947 Ss1

Migratsiia naseleniia v postsovetskikh gosudarstvakh annotirovannaia bibliografiia rossiiskikh izdanii 1992-1997 gg. UIUC Call Number: 016.30480947 B14m

We hope you have a successful and productive forum.  We will be delighted to assist you with any follow-up research inquiries.  

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Federal'nyi Obrazovatel'nyi Portal: Of particular interest in this multidisciplinary portal is the section Sotsiologiia meditsiny. It links to over 300 articles on the subject of the intersection of medical science and sociology.


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