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Course Materials and Copyright for Professors: Course Pages versus MOOCS

This LibGuide will assist Professors in making determinations regarding how they can make accessible course materials as needed for students.

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Course Pages vs. MOOCs

Professors have a much stronger argument for fair use, generally, in placing materials on their course webpages that are limited in access to only the students enrolled in their courses than they do, for instance, in a generally accessible website or a Massively Open Online Course (MOOC), courses which are freely accessible online to anyone in the world.

Thus, it is recommended that faculty use class management pages, such as Compass and Blackboard, to link to course related media, images, and publications for their students' use rather than placing course related documents on a publicly accessible website.

If a professor does, however, choose to place material on a general website, it is highly recommended that the professor consider the copyright implications of doing so.

And remember, the face-to-face teaching exception to copyright does not apply to online courses or course webpages/class management pages that are utilized outside of face-to-face class time.