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Scopus: Search Results

Learn how to search for articles, organize your results, and personalize your experience in Scopus.

Refine Results

Refine results using the filters to the left of the result list as shown below. After selecting desired filters, click "Limit to" to limit by selected items, or "Exclude" to exclude selected items. Filters to refine by include access type, year of publication, author name, subject area, publication type, keyword, affiliation, language and more. 

Image of Scopus search results with Refine Results section highlighted.Click to enlarge image


Finding Full-Text

Scopus provides three ways to access full-text documents:

  1. Scopus Document Download Manager: Open an item record. If the full-text is available on Scopus, a blue "Download" link will appear at the top of the record as shown below.
  2. View at Publisher: From the results page or an item record, click the "View at Publisher" link to open the article on the publisher's site as show below.
  3. Discover Full Text: From results page or an item record, this blue button will search other UIUC resources for an alternate version as shown below. If full-text still cannot be found, you can request the document through our InterLibrary Loan (ILL) system.

Image showing Scopus item record with Full-Text options highlighted.Click to enlarge image


Exporting Citations

One at a time: On the search results page, click on the checkbox beside the document title and click “Export” at the top of the page. OR In the document record, click “export” at the top of the page, under the “Document details” box. Select the desired details to include and method (e.g., Mendeley, RIS, CSV, BibTex, and Plain Text). Click “Export.”

Batch: On the search results page, use the checkboxes to select a group of documents. Above the results list on the search results page, click the “Export” link. Select the desired type of output. Using the options above the search results, you can also e-mail or print citations, save as a pdf, or create a bibliography.

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