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Scopus: Cited Reference Search & Analysis

Learn how to search for articles, organize your results, and personalize your experience in Scopus.

Cited Reference Search and Analysis

Scopus indexes the references section of documents and uses that to track citations. This allows users to search within the references of a document by scrolling down to the References section in the item record and selecting "View in search results format" as shown below:

Image showing reference section of item in Scopus with "View in search results format" link highlighted.

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Author Citation Analysis

Examine the publication record of a specific author:

  • From the Search page, click the “Authors” bubble above the search box. Search for an author's name using the provided boxes. Click on the desired author's name to view their author page or click on the box next to several names to view information for multiple authors at once.
  • On the author page, you can "Analyze author output", "View citation overview", or "View h-graph" to analyze the author’s publication history. You can also view a list of documents, references, citations, and co-authors connected to the author as well as documents citing this author’s publications.

For more information, watch our tutorial below:

From Search Results

From a document search:

  • Look at the number on the far right side of the search results page to view the number of times an article has been cited by another publication (under "Cited by").
  • To see the most cited articles that match your search, change the "Sort on" drop-down box in the top right corner of the page to "Cited by (highest)."
  • Click on the hyperlinked citation number next to a document result to see a list of papers that have cited that document.