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Climate Action Game Experiment: The Speaker

Guide supporting the Center for Global Studies program of the same name - October 23, 2019

About the Talk

The CAGE project includes Homo sapiens in the set in the set of organisms on which climate change feeds back on their influences on climate. CAGE includes global heat and greenhouse gas balance and econometrically calibrated models of the evolution of up to 16 country groups' per capita consumption. Results are analyzed with and without new policies aimed at controlling the rise of global average temperature and/or atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration. Both game theory and interactive simulations of policy negotiations are in progress to improve the theoretical and experimental basis for extrapolating human response to climate change.

About the Speaker






Clifford E. Singer is the former Director of the Program in Arms Control & Domestic and International Security (ACDIS). He is currently a Research and Emeritus Professor of Nuclear, Plasma, and Radiological Engineering, and of Political Science. His areas of expertise relate to global and regional uranium resources, the future of nuclear explosives holdings, and the security implications of global and regional energy economics. 

For more information on Professor Singer, and to see a more comprehensive listing of his projects and publications, visit his faculty page through ACDIS.

Publications by the Speaker