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Guns in Society Project (Spring 2019) - Schoeplein: General Reference

What you'll find on this page

This page contains online databases, statistics, and newspaper resources. If you're interested in acquiring books, there are links to the catalog on the right. It would be wise to do this as one of your first steps as some books might take a few days to arrive (and books are not required for this project).

Try these keywords when searching for information about your topic. 

  • Assault weapons
  • Concealed carry laws
  • Federal Assault Weapon Ban
  • Firearm background checks
  • Firearm legislation
  • Firearms ownership -- United States
  • Gun control
  • Gun control policy
  • Second amendment rights
  • Stand Your Ground

[Reminder: Library Catalog is for local UIUC resources, I-Share is a state-wide system and is used if UIUC resources don't have what you need, and WorldCat is for when both the local catalog and I-Share don't have what you need. I-Share and WorldCat resources take a day or two more to arrive.]

Online databases

Newspaper & Current Events


Finding Books Online