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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Evidence-Based Medicine: Evaluating Effectiveness

A guide to tools and resources on the topic of Evidence-Based Medicine

Why Evaluate?

The final step in EBM is to evaluate the effectiveness of your decision. This includes evaluating your search process, your analysis and appraisal, and your implementation. Your evaluation can help you make changes in future decisions.

Questions for Evaluation

How successful was the intervention for clinical outcomes?

How successful was the intervention according to the patient?

Would this intervention be appropriate for similar patients?

Are there any changes that could make the intervention more successful in the future?


Considerations for Future

Cost: Does EBM reduce or increase clinical cost? What cost is sustainable for your practice?

Efficiency: Does EBM reduce or increase time spent determining appropriate and successful intervention options?

Increased clinical knowledge: Does EBM allow practitioners to maintain current and supported knowledge of clinical intervention?

Increased patient-centered care: Does EBM allow practitioners to best meet the needs and support the values of the patient?