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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Creative Writing Guide: Literary Magazines


This is a list of all the English-language literary magazines to which we currently subscribe.

Many of our literary magazines offer online access through databases for UIUC students. (If you're off-campus when browsing, you'll be required to log in with your NetID and password for access, as with other databases.) The links in the titles of these magazines will take you to the library catalog's listing for each magazine. Once you've clicked through to the library catalog's listing, click the button at the top of the listing's page (or if you don't see this button, click the link next to "Online Access" in the item entry). This will lead you to all of our online holdings for that journal.

Search Tip

The periodicals named here are just a selection of the many titles that the University Library owns. The Library provides access to many other titles which you can find through the catalog with a Subject search. Appending "Periodicals" to the general area that interests you is a good way to find discontinued literary magazines, even ones which may only have run for a few issues: for example, if it's American literature that interests you specifically, you'd search for "American literature -- periodicals" as your Subject term in the Library Catalog