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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Cited Reference Searching

This guide shows users how to view how many times a publication has been cited–sometimes called citation analysis–using tools like Web of Science, Scopus, and Google Scholar.

About This Database

Note: When Scopus counts citations, it is only counting citations from articles included in the Scopus database. 

Searching in Scopus

Step 1.

On the Library homepage search for "Scopus" in Easy Search. A direct link to Scopus will be at the top of your search results.

This image is a screenshot of a direct link to Scopus from the University Library EasySearch results page.

Step 2.

When you get into Scopus, enter the information you have about the author or article. In the example we will search for "Quantum Measurement Problem" and change the drop down box to say "Article Title." Then click on "Add Search Field" to add another search box. In that one we will put the author's last name and first initial (Legget, A) and search by Author.

This image is a screenshot of the Scopus document search. The "Add search field" link is highlighted.

Step 3.

Check the results to be sure it has given you the correct article. Look to the right of the record for the number of times the article has been cited. Click on that number to see the list of articles that have cited it.

This image is a screenshot of the search results page in Scopus.

Step 4:
The final result is a list of articles that have cited the article.

This image is a screenshot of the search results from the cited reference search in Scopus.ts