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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

International Studies Research Lab Orientation: Resources for Research

A guide to the UIUC Library, Federated Searching, SFX, and Current Awareness, created especially for visiting scholars during the International Studies Research Lab.

Regional Resources

  • African Studies  

UIUC Area Studies Collection

  • Afghanistan Digital Library

The Afghanistan Digital Library will retrieve and restore works published in Afghanistan between 1870 and 1930; the long-term objective is to collect, catalog, digitize and provide access to as many of this period's publications as possible.

  • Chinese Studies

UIUC Area Studies Collection

  • Digital South Asia Library

Reference sources, books, images, maps, and more. The Digital South Asia Library is a project of the Center for Research Libraries and the University of Chicago.

  • Digital Dictionaries of South Asia

Searchable dictionaries of South Asian languages.

  • India from Crown Rule to Republic, 1945-1949: Records of the U.S. State Department

Independent India’s first years were marked with turbulent events - partition, a massive exchange of population with Pakistan, the Indo-Pakistani War of 1947 and the integration of over 500 princely states to form a united nation. This collection identifies the key issues, individuals, and events in the history of the Subcontinent between 1945 and 1949, and places them in the context of the complex and dynamic regional strategic, political, and economic processes that have fashioned India in the postwar period.

  • India-Pakistan Conflict: Records of the U.S. State Department, Feb 1963-66

Over 16,000 pages of State Department Central Files on India and Pakistan from 1963 through 1966 make this collection a standard documentary resource for the study of the political relations between India and Pakistan during a crucial period in the Cold War and the shifting alliances and alignments in South Asia.

  • Japanese Studies

UIUC Japanese Area Studies Collection

  • Korean Studies

UIUC Korean Area Studies Collection

  • South Asian Studies

UIUC South Asian Area Studies Collection

  • South Asia Union Catalog

The South Asia Union Catalogue is an historical bibliography describing books and periodicals published in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, colonial Burma, India, the Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka from 1556 through the present and a union catalogue of holdings.

  • Digitial Library of the National Library of Brazil

Online resources from the National Library of Brazil

  • Brasiliana 

Digitized multidisciplinary collection of works about Brazil published between 1931 and 1993 by Companhia Editora Nacional.

  • Brazilian Government Documents 

Executive branch serial documents issued by Brazil’s national government between 1821 and 1993, and by its provincial governments from the earliest available for each province to the end of the first Republic in 1930.

  • Domínio Público  

Digitized items (text, sound recordings, video, images) in the public domain.

  • Latin American and Caribbean Studies

UIUC Latin American and Caribbean Area Studies Collection

  • Rede da Memória Virtual Brasileira 

Online Brazilian cultural heritage collection with items from the archives of national institutions.

  • Tráfico de Escravos no Brasil 

Digitized images and texts related to the slave trade in Brazil.

  • The Luso-Hispanic New World in Early Prints and Photographs 

from the New York Public Library.

  • European Union Studies

UIUC European Union Area Studies Collection

  • French Union Catalog

The French Union Catalog boasts of more than 30 million documents and includes a variety of different catalogs- National Library of France, SUDOC, French regional catalogs, the catalog of Judaica, and several others. “Recherche globale” on the left-hand side allows you to search all of these catalogs.

  • Karlsruhe Virtual Catalog

Karlsruhe is a one stop shop when it comes to searching European library catalogs. The search page has several fields to fill and a set of libraries on the bottom of the page. They range from Western to Eastern Europe, and are heavily concentrated on the German speaking countries. Check off all of the libraries you would like to search and the results page will separate the results by location. If a location does not have results, it will be listed on the bottom of the page. Remember, you must use the German transliteration standard when searching German libraries, and ISO standards when searching libraries from Eastern Europe. See the transliteration tab for more information.

  • Romania

ROLINEST This union catalog from Romania has bibliographic records for books and periodicals from 13 participating libraries in Romania, including some of the most important ones such as those from major universities in Bucharest, Iaşi, and Cluj-Napoca, and the Romanian Academy of Sciences. The catalog uses a metasearch that searches the individual library catalogs simultaneously and then displays the results in a uniform manner. Because of this process, getting results is a bit slow. There is no statement about the retrospective depth of the catalog, but most records seem to be from the 1990s and forward, with just a few from earlier dates. Clearly, it depends on whether each individual library has done retrospective conversion or not.

  • The European Library

This online portal offers access to nearly fifty National Libraries and Research Libraries of Europe. The European Library offers access to bibliographic records of holdings, as well as access to digital items from participating institutions. A list of contributors to the project can be found here.

  • Index Islamicus

Index to literature on Islam, the Middle East and Muslim areas of Asia and Africa, and Muslim minorities elsewhere. Includes citations to over 2,000 journals, conference proceedings, monographs, and book reviews from 1906 to present.

  • Middle East and North Africa Studies

UIUC Middle East and North African Area Studies Collection

  • World Health Organization

Statistics on Egyptian health

  • Belarus

The National Library of Belarus maintains an electronic catalog that provides access to the following Belorussian resources held by the library: books published from 19th century until present, dissertation abstracts since 1993, full-length dissertations since 1994, periodicals and continuing resources, manuscripts and rare books. The electronic catalog features a basic search allowing the user to search by author, title, publisher, series, place of publication, subject, and local call number. It is possible to limit your search by defining the type of document (dissertation, digest, guide, etc.), language and year of publication. The catalog features for a separate search mechanism by a type of document, which allows for more accurate results. Another useful feature is a word search allowing to search by subject or name. It is possible to search in Belorussian, Russian and English.  

  • Eastview Central Newspapers

ECN  provides comprehensive coverage of national news, current events, economic developments and cultural events in Russia. Official sources (Rossiiskaia gazeta, Krasnaia zvezda, ITAR-TASS), independent media and partisan publications are all represented on this database, thus offering a wide array of opinions and perspectives.

  • ​Helsinki University Library

The University of Helsinki has a large collection of pre-revolutionary Russian materials, including newspapers. HELKA library catalog will help you find the materials you need. Remember: you must use the ISO transliteration standard when searching this library catalog, NOT Library of Congress. See the transliteration tab for more information.

  • Kazakhstan

The National Library of Kazakhstan has maintained this online union catalog of 13 of Kazakhstan's major libraries since 2002. It currently includes about 1 million records, some for items dating back as far as the early 19th century, with a large majority reflecting the holdings of the National Library itself. The remainder of the catalog consists of records from regional libraries whose holdings of regionally-published materials are presumed to be comprehensive. The catalog is comprised of three databases: "Kazakhstanika", Russian-language articles, and Kazakh-language articles. These can be searched together or separately by author, title, place or year of publication, and several other criteria, singly or in combination. Specific holdings of periodical titles are provided only by records for individual issues, which do not appear to be comprehensive. The catalog must be searched in Cyrillic (Russian or Kazakh).

  • Kyrgyzstan

The Kyrgyz Union Catalog is available through the National Library of the Kyrgyz Republic’s website- you have the option of searching books and periodical holdings. About 15 libraries across the country participate and contribute records to this integrated catalog.

  • Russian National Library

The Russian National Library website and catalogs are probably the most widely used resources by both the Slavic Reference Service and scholars of the REEE region. There are several research resources of note. The electronic catalog is now available in two interfaces, the new one using the Primo catalog system. As of early 2014, this catalog is not as stable as the old catalog, which is more cumbersome, but works well. The RNL digitized their card catalog which is available as an online source, with search and browsing functions. The card catalog is alphabetical, and must be searched in Cyrillic. This particular resource is useful for verifying bibliographic citations, especially for articles. The RNL also has incredible databases for periodicals, both journals and newspapers. The Journals index is especially helpful in verifying publication information about journals published during the Soviet era, when journals were notorious for changing their names or publication frequency. This database can help solve the problem, and will also tell you whether the RNL has holdings for the years that you need. Finally, the Gazety Rossii database is similar to the Journals index, but focuses on the newspapers published in Russia, mainly between 1703 and 1917. 

  • Russian State Library

This catalog includes publications obtained by the Russian State Library after 1994-.  Books, journals, dissertations, and cartographic materials in Russian and foreign language are all registered here. The books catalog can be searched by author, title, keyword, subject, year or place of publication. Like the National Library Catalog, this one is divided into several databases. The State Library has a catalog of books, including foreign language publications from 1986 on and Russian language books from 1994 on. The catalog of journals includes materials from 1998 on. This catalog has both newspapers and periodicals. The dissertation catalog contains complete dissertations from 1995 and avtoreferaty from 1987. The catalog of cartographic materials includes materials from 1985 on. There is also a catalog of the most recent acquisitions of the library, those materials acquired during the last week.This catalog is not searchable in the usual way, but is organized by subject and is easy to browse by subject.

  • Slavic, East European & Eurasian Studies

UIUC Slavic, East European & Eurasian Area Studies Collection

  • Union Catalog of Russian Libraries

This union catalog makes it easier to locate items across Russian libraries. This union catalog is a collection of almost 200 libraries in Russia and it continues to add more. It has over 6 million bibliographic records that span the 18 th century to 1945 and from 1980 to the present. Time in between is covered as well. The main search page allows for keyword, author, title, and subject searching. A long list of participating libraries is available under the Участники heading, on the top right-hand side of the webpage.

Country Reports Available at UIUC

Subject Resources

  • American University of Cairo

Archives of Egyptian Business and Economy

  • AMEinfo

Egyptian Business and Finance

  • EIU Country Intelligence
The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) provides quarterly analysis and forecasts of the political, economic and business environment in more than 180 countries. Included in each country report is a detailed review and analysis of political and economic events, a compilation of the latest economic indicators as well as a 12-24 month political outlook and economic projection. Annual Country Profiles include statistical tables covering five years of the main macroeconomic indicators. Risk Ratings Review offers country risk ratings based on political, economic, and social policies and practices.

Doing Business in Saudi Arabia

  • Passport Global Market Information Database
This database contains demographic, economic, and background marketing statistics for over 200 countries, as well as market and economic forecasts. Passport also contains major market reports and consumer lifestyle reports for countries from all over the globe.

To locate statistics, look under Search (in the upper left corner of the Home/Welcome page). You can generate tables of statistics on Consumer, Industrial, and Service Markets by clicking on the appropriate link. The next step requires you to select among several countries. You can also use the toolbar at the top of the page to explore by Industries, Countries, and Consumers. If you need a table about Food Shopping Habits in Croatia, this is the resource for you.
  • The World Bank Group

Information on the ease of doing business in Jordan

  • World Bank

Doing Business in Saudi Arabia

  • Data and Statistical Sources

A guide referring to selected sources of descriptive datasets and statistical sources in the fields of social science, health, and education and areas within the social sciences, such as crime, population and demography, and arms control 


ICPSR provides leadership and training in data access, curation, and methods of analysis for a diverse and expanding social science research community.

  • English as an International Language Guide

Guide to resources for academic study and research in the teaching of English as a second, foreign, or international language

  • eTwinning

E-Twinning is the community for schools in Europe. It offers a platform for staff (teachers, head teachers, librarians, etc.) working in a school in one of the European countries involved, to communicate, collaborate, develop projects, share, and feel/be a part of the most exciting learning community in Europe. The eTwinning action promotes school collaboration in Europe through the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) by providing support, tools, and services for schools.

  • Global Citizenship Education

A website dedicated to UNESCO's approach to Global Citizenship Education.

  • Resources in Education

Comprehensive research guide from the Social Sciences, Health, and Education Library at UIUC.

  • United States Institute of Peace

Website dedicated to the global citizenship initiative at the Global Peace Building Center of the US Institute of Peace. This site includes resources for teachers, students, online learning activities, grant opportunities, and networking possibilities.


  • Egyptian Center for Women's Rights

NGO focused on Equality and Women's Rights.

  • Egyptian Streets 

Insight into Recent events in Egypt from a 21 year old Egyptian girl

  • Egyptian Women of the Revolution 

A site dedicated to the role women play in Egypt

  • Human Rights Studies Online

Human Rights Studies Online is a searchable database of documentation, analysis, and interpretation of major human rights violations and atrocity crimes worldwide - including "Women, Human Rights, and Conflict". The collection takes a case study approach, providing primary and secondary materials for each selected event, including Armenia, the Holocaust, Cambodia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Rwanda, Darfur, and more than 30 additional subjects. This database provides access to books, primary documents, audio, maps, images, and video.

  • The Women and Memory Forum

An organization dedicated to changing cultural perceptions of Arab Women

  • Women's Studies International

WSI provides citations and some abstracts to the core areas of Women's studies. Includes material from Women studies abstracts (1984-present), Women's studies bibliography database, Women's studies database (1972-present), New books on women and feminism (1987-present), Women of color and southern women (1975-present), The history of women and science, health, and technology: a bibliographic guide to the professions and disciplines (1970-1995), Women's health and development: an annotated bibliography (1995), Women, race, and ethnicity: a bibliography (1970-1990), WAVE: Women's audiovisuals in English: a guide to nonprint resources in women's studies (1985-1990) and the MEDLINE subset on women (1964-2000). Covers journals, newspapers, newsletters, bulletins, books, book chapters, proceedings, reports, theses, dissertations, NGO studies, websites and grey literature.

  • The Global Health Network

Website dedicated to streamlining global-health related research through digital platforms. The site offers collaboration opportunities, research resources, learning platforms for major global health issues, and more.

  • UIUC Global Health Initiative

Website to the UIUC Global Health Initiative, including information on their partnership with Njala University in Sierra Leon, seminar information, global health certificate information, and more.

  • US Department of Health and Human Services

This website section of the US DHHS contains access to information on global health issues, such as pandemics and emerging threats, world health assembly, global health careers, global health diplomacy and more, focusing on US efforts in the realm of global health.

  • General Resources on Literary Theory

Specialized guide for literary theory through the Literatures and Languages Library, including post modernism, post-structuralism, psychoanalytic theory, Marxist theory, and beyond.

  • Linguistics and Language Behavior Abstracts

Linguistics & Language Behavior Abstracts (LLBA) abstracts and indexes the international literature in linguistics and related disciplines in the language sciences. The database covers all aspects of the study of language including phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax and semantics. Complete coverage is given to various fields of linguistics including descriptive, historical, comparative, theoretical and geographical linguistics. The database provides abstracts of journal articles and citations to book reviews drawn from over 1,500 serials publications, and also provides abstracts of books, book chapters, and dissertations.

  • Project MUSE

Project MUSE is a leading provider of digital humanities and social science content for the scholarly community.  Since 1995 the MUSE journal collections have supported a wide array of research needs at academic, public, special, and school libraries worldwide. MUSE is the trusted source of complete, full-text versions of scholarly journals from many of the world's leading university presses and scholarly societies, with over 120 publishers currently participating. UPCC Book Collections on Project MUSE, launched in January 2012, offer top quality book-length scholarship, fully integrated with MUSE's scholarly journal content. 

  • Spanish corpus

Corpus de espanol will allow you to search from over 100 million words from more than 20,000 Spanish texts from the thirteenth to the twentieth century.


  • Ethnographic Video Online

Contains good examples of music and dance from around the world.

  • Garland Encyclopedia of World Music (online)

This is the definitive reference tool for ethnomusicology. It takes a slightly more academic approach than the rough guide. It is divided into 10 volumes by geographic area: Vol. 1 Africa; Vol. 2 South America, Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean; Vol. 3 The United States and Canada; Vol. 4 Southeast Asia; Vol. 5 South Asia: The Indian Subcontinent; Vol. 6 The Middle East; Vol. 7 East Asia: China, Japan, and Korea; Vol. 8 Europe; Vol. 9 Australia and the Pacific Islands; Vol. 10 The World's Music: General Perspectives and Reference Tools. The tenth volume contains very useful information (like glossaries, indexes, bibliographies, and discographies) if you would like to expand your search beyond basic information.

  • Russian Arts

Resources on the following topics are presented in this guide to Russian Arts: music, opera, ballet, theater (in general, not as a literary genre), film, graphics, painting, stage design, and other related artistic and performance genres. For those sources that are applicable to more than one category, cross linking will be provided. If subject guides for particular topics are available, they will be discussed first, because by their very nature subject guides cover all genres of resources for a particular topic and often contain useful surveys of the state of research and publishing in that field. Please note that if you skipped the section on General Resources for the Arts, you may want to return to it at some point, for the resources mentioned there may pertain to both Eastern Europe and Russia.

  • Smithsonian Global Sound

The best streaming audio database for world music available to patrons at UIUC libraries.

  • World music: a source book for teaching (print)

This book is short but contains useful lists of books, recordings, and audio visual materials by geographic area, as well as different companies and vendors that sell relevant materials.

Call Number: ML128.F74 J47

  • Peace Research Abstracts
Peace Research Abstracts includes bibliographic records covering essential areas related to peace research, including conflict resolution, international affairs, peace psychology, and other areas of key relevance to the discipline. Records are selected from many of the top titles within the discipline, including International Journal of Peace Studies, International Journal on World Peace, and Conflict Management & Peace Science. Coverage from 1964.
  • DevInfo India

This database of official statistics originating from various Government of India ministries and departments will provide important insight on various socio-economic concerns for the development of the country and its human capital. Users can drill down through levels of disaggregated data at national, state, district and sub-district levels, and extract information to present the statistical measures of the indicators in the form of maps, graphs and tables using the intuitive built-in wizard.

  • Europa World Plus

Europa World Plus includes economic, political, historical, and geographic profiles of 250+ countries and global regions. Contact information for political, business, media, and cultural agencies and officials, including 1,900 international organizations. Search or browse by country, region, organization, or people.

  • International Bibliography of the Social Sciences

IBSS covers core social science literature in disciplines of anthropology, economics, political science and sociology, as well as a wide range of interdisciplinary fields. IBSS provides bibliographic citations to more than two million journal articles, reviews, books and selected chapters - from over 100 countries and in more than 90 languages. Over 2,800 journals are regularly indexed and some 7,000 books are included each year. The Atlas thesaurus aids in finding works on a country or region; other speciaized thesauri and indexes are provided.

  • International Studies Encyclopedia

Subscription includes online access to: The International Studies Compendium Project. The International Studies Compendium Project, published in association with the International Studies Association, is available online (International studies online) or as a 12-volume set in print (The International Studies Encyclopedia). This resource is the most comprehensive reference work of its kind for the fields of international studies and international relations. International studies online is updated twice annually and is enhanced by live links to archives, datasets, cases, pedagogical aids, and other relevant materials.

  • UN Comtrade

Annual international trade statistics, provided by over 200 countries, detailed by commodity and partner country to the United Nations, are stored in UN COMTRADE, a computerized data base system, all values are converted in US dollars and metric units, the coverage dates as far back as 1962.

  • Brazil revealed 

An online streaming documentary about Brazil, originally broadcast as an episode of "Discovery atlas" on the Discovery Channel in 2006. It highlights the rain forest, capoeira, soccer, carnival, and cowboys. UIUC affiliates only.

  • Cinemateca brasileira 

The institution responsible for preserving and documenting Brazilian film. Includes a filmography database covering Brazilian films produced between 1897 to 2007 (feature films, short films, newsreels and home movies).

  • Introduction to Brazilian Cinema

 A history of cinema and short films in Brazil from the Brazilian Embassy.


Print Resources:

  • Council on International Education Exchange (CIEE)

Website with resources on faculty-lead study abroad programs, including resources for building one at your home institution.

  • Creating Sustainable Education Abroad Programs in Nontraditional Locations

Article by Janet Hulstrand discussing the process of and giving tips on developing new study abroad programs to non-traditional locations.

  • Florida Atlantic University - Developing New Study Abroad Programs

A downloadable MS Word Document detailing, step-by-step, the process of building new study abroad programs.

  • Education 201: Identity and Difference in Education

Course guide for Education 201: Identity and Difference in Education. Course focuses on how we think about students and teachers -- and how we as students and teachers are socially positioned in our roles and our various identity categories and community attachments. 

  • Education and Globalization Class Guide

Course guide from Educational Policy Studies 530-Z. Includes online & continuing education services links, global studies resources, suggested article databases, and some helpful print resources.

  • Educational Policy Studies 310: Race and Cultural Diversity Guide

Class guide containing (mostly print) reference resources on the topic of race and cultural diversity in the classroom. 

  • Educational Policy Studies 421: Racial and Ethnic Families

Course guide containing statistical resources on multiracial families, as well as general statistical databases.

  • Access UN

Access UN Identifies current and retrospective United Nations documents and publications. Includes Official Records, masthead documents, draft resolutions, meeting records, UN Sales Publications, and the UN Treaty Series citations. Includes information on international economic, social, cultural, and humanitarian issues. Also includes some full text.

  • Access World News

Access World News from NewsBank provides full-text information and perspectives from over 600 U.S. and over 700 international sources, each with its own distinctive focus offering diverse viewpoints on local, regional and world issues. Date coverage varies with individual newspapes.

  • International Bibliography of the Social Sciences

IBSS covers core social science literature in disciplines of anthropology, economics, political science and sociology, as well as a wide range of interdisciplinary fields. IBSS provides bibliographic citations to more than two million journal articles, reviews, books and selected chapters - from over 100 countries and in more than 90 languages. Over 2,800 journals are regularly indexed and some 7,000 books are included each year. The Atlas thesaurus aids in finding works on a country or region; other speciaized thesauri and indexes are provided.

  • International Political Science Abstracts

IPSA indexes and abstracts articles from periodicals published throughout the world.

  • Worldwide Political Science Abstracts

Provides abstracts and indexing of the international literature of political science and international relations, along with complementary fields, including international law and public administration/policy. Provides abstracts of journal articles, books, book chapters, dissertations and working papers, and citations to book reviews drawn from over 1,500+ serials publications.



Country Reports Available Publicly