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Mathematical Physics at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign: Faculty

This LibGuide will help you find resources that stretch across the interdisciplinary field of mathematical physics.

Mathematical Physics Faculty

Yuliy Baryshnikov: Dynamical systems and mathematical physics.

Maarten Bergvelt: Vertex algebras, integrable systems, mathematical physics, and representation theory.

Karin A Dahmen: Non-equilibrium dynamical systems,condensed matter physics,mathematical physics, biophysics, and geophysics.

Partha Dey: Probability, mathematical physics, interacting particle systems.

Philippe Di Francesco: Mathematical physics, enumerative and algebraic mombinatorics,integrable models of statistical physics, cluster algebra, matrix models, and quantum (conformal) field theory.

Sheldon Katz: Algebraic geometry and its interaction with theoretical physics (especially string theories and supersymmetric field theories).

Rinat Kedem: Combinatorial representation theory,mathematical physics,infinite dimensional algebras,quantum groups,cluster algebras,integrable models in statistical mechanics, and quantum field theory.

Kay Kirkpatrick: Mathematical physics, probability, PDE, statistical mechanics, nonlinear differential equations, and dynamical systems, using a variety of methods from probability, functional analysis, harmonic analysis, and number theory--with applications to physics and biology.

Thomas Nevins: algebraic geometry, geometric representation theory, and mathematical physics.

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