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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Text Mining Tools and Methods

This guide contains resources for researching with text mining

What is R?

R is an open-source programming language and command-based application.  This language is a powerful visualization and analysis tool for data. R is primarily used for statistical analysis, so it lends itself well to text mining, particularly using the tm (text mining) package.

The Scholarly Commons has lab computers with both R and RStudio, a user-friendly graphical interface for using R. Researchers are welcome to come in and try the environment to test it out. If you'd like to try R or RStudio on your personal computer, use the links below. 

R Tutorial

This tutorial by Seth Robins is written as a .R file. You can follow along after you have installed R:  

Additional resources for R

Intro to R Detailed Guide

This library guide s an introduction to R statistical programming language.  While this guide does not provide guidance specifically for text mining, it does provide a basic overview of common tasks needed for basic statistics classes and a solid foundation for beginning to program in R.  This guide is a great resource for R related questions.