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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Anthropology 225 / Gender & Women's Studies 225: Women in Prehistory

Class guide of recommended resources and search tips for the ANTH225 writing assignment (created Fall 2015)

TIP- Journal & Article Locator finds Full Text!

Do you have a citation of a journal article from the bibliography of an encyclopedia, book or other article? You can find out if the library has the full text of that article using the Journal and Article Locator!

TIP- Article or Book Chapter?

Databases may have other types of resources in addition to articles, and one of the most common is a book chapter. Book chapters will have their own titles and authors, just like articles, and a separate title (and often an editor) for the whole book. To find the full text of a book chapter, search for the Book Title (not the chapter title) in the Library Catalog.

Example Book Chapter citation:

Gero JM, Scattolin MC. 2002. Beyond complementarity and hierarchy: new definitions for archaeological gender relations. In Pursuit of Gender: Worldwide Archaeological Approaches, ed. SM Nelson, M Rosen-Ayalon, pp. 155–72. Walnut Creek, CA: AltaMira

In this example, you would search for the title "Pursuit of Gender: Worldwide Archaeological Approaches" in the Library Catalog.

Recommended Article Databases (for all cultures)

Databases for specific regions/cultures

This section recommends links to guides created by the library for studies of specific regions/cultural groups. You will want to look for the resources that focus on cultural history and/or gender. Be sure to keep your culture and the time period in mind when selecting and searching databases from these guides.

Discover Full Text

Discover Full Text

After you've found an article citation in a database, how do you go about getting your hands on the actual article? Some databases have full text articles in them already. In this case, you should see a link to either an HTML or PDF document. If the full text isn't available in a specific database, you should see a button that looks like this:
"Discover UIUC Full Text Linking"

Clicking this button will open a new browser tab or window and will search the Illinois library subscriptions and online catalog. This new page will tell you if we have electronic access to the specific article you need.

If it indicates that we have online full text, click the link to get to the article.

If the Discover page doesn't show access to online full text, click the link for "Holdings in VuFind" to search the library catalog for print holdings of that journal.