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Researching Domestic Violence & the Law: Non-Legal Sources

short guide on resources for researching DV law


Welcome to the non-legal sources page.  

This page of the research guide will help you locate materials about domestic violence from more than a pure legal perspective. You will find mostly non-legal secondary sources on this page, though there is some overlap.

Background Information

If you need some background into sociology terms or concepts you may want to consult on of the following:


Online Resources & Advocacy Groups

A service of the USDHHS, search for or browse publications (articles, fact sheets, reports), Children's Bureau Express articles, related organizations, conferences and events, and more information.

From the USDOJ's National Institute of Justice, this site provides background information, publications, and web resources on elder abuse. 

A comprehensive resource that links resources covering legislative, public education and international aspects of domestic violence

DAP publishes the Journal of Intimate Partner Violence Intervention and links relevant information, definitions of violence and first-hand accounts of survivors.

The institute is responsible for several academic journals and lists several valuable resources.

A national project stemming from federal and local human services and domestic violence groups.

Funded by the USDOJ's Office of Violence against Women, this site has an extensive library of advocacy, legal and scholarly documents.

Website produce by the non-profit National Network to End Domestic Violence

Searching for Non-Law Material

To locate articles and abstracts on domestic violence and related topics outside of legal resources you can use the same skills and techniques. Remeber to search within the library catalog and other journal-specific collections.

If you are searching within a resource and only find and title entry or abstract look to see is there is a "Discover: UIUC full text linking" box next to your entry. This icon will connect you to those UIUC databases which have a full text of the article or a link to the catalog if it is available in print.  

The "discover" icon looks like this 

Step-by-step guidance is available through the Library's Find Articles Guide.

Suggested Keywords

Try these keywords when searching for information about your topic. 

  • Battered women
  • Child abuse 
  • Conjugal violence 
  • Domestic abuse
  • Domestic violence
  • Domestic violence perpetrators
  • Elder abuse
  • Family violence
  • Marital violence
  • Spousal abuse
  • Victims of family violence

Recommended Discipline-Specific Databases

These databases, and others you might be interested in searching, can be found on the UGL's Find Articles Guide


Here are a few other LibGuides you may find helpful in your research. You can search for more on the library homepage using the 'research guides' tab.