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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Geographic Information Systems (GIS): GIS Resources

General information about GIS resources at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

GIS Online Learning

GIS Courses at the University of Illinois

Course Number Course Title Course Explorer Link
ABE 498 Special Topics: GIS Applications in Ag ABE 498
ANTH 451 Archaeological Surveying ANTH 451
ANTH 499 Topics in Anthropology (Section Title: Anthropolgy GIS) ANTH 499
CEE 592 Sustatinable Urban Systems CEE 592
CHLH 439 Health Applications of GIS CHLH 439
ESE 379 Intro to GIS Systems ESE 379
ESE 380 GIS II: Spatial Problem Solving ESE 380
GEOG 105 Digital Earth GEOG 105
GEOG 371 Spatial Analysis GEOG 371
GEOG 379 Intro to GIS Systems GEOG 379
GEOG 380 GIS II: Spatial Problem Solving GEOG 380
GEOG 412 Geospatial Technologies & Society GEOG 412
GEOG 439 Health Applications of GIS GEOG 439
GEOG 460 Aerial Photo Analysis GEOG 460
GEOG 473 Map Compilation and Construction GEOG 473
GEOG 476 Applied GIS to Environmental Studies GEOG 476
GEOG 477 Introduction to Remote Sensing GEOG 477
GEOG 478 Techniques of Remote Sensing GEOG 478
GEOG 479 Advanced Topics in GIS GEOG 479
GEOG 480 Principles of GIS GEOG 480
GEOG 489 Programming for GIS GEOG 489
GEOG 560 Spatial Epidemiology GEOG 560
GEOG 570 Advanced Spatial Analysis GEOG 570
LA 441 Land Resource Evaluation LA 441
NRES 454 GIS in Natural Resource Management NRES 454
NRES 455 Advanced GIS for Natural Resource Planning NRES 455
NRES 460 Aerial Photo Analysis NRES 460
NRES 565 Spatial Ecological Modeling NRES 565
PATH 439 Health Applications of GIS PATH 439
PATH 560 Spatial Epidemiology PATH 560
TSM 467 Precision Agric Technology TSM 467
UP 312 Communication for Planners UP 312
UP 418 GIS for Planners UP 418
UP 441 Land Resource Evaluation UP 441
UP 519 Advanced Applications of GIS UP 519
UP 204 Chicago: Planning & Urban Life UP 204

If you are a professor and would like to add your class to the list of GIS courses offered at the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign please email the Scholarly Commons.

GIS Tutorials

GIS Consultation at the Library

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