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My Americas Project: Citing Sources

A guide for finding resources and creating NoodleBib citations for your My Americas Project.

Citation Smarts

As you search for and use sources, make sure you check their legitimacy, evaluate their suitability (too juvenile? too erudite?), and cite, cite, cite.  Accurate citation of sources is critical to a successful research paper. NoodleBib guides you through the process of creating citations in the relevant style format (in this case, MLA) with straightforward instructions and a user-friendly interface. Don't hesitate to ask your librarian for assistance!

Bonafide or Bogus?

Ensuring the legitimacy of web resources is critical to successful research. Follow these tips to determine a site's trusthworthiness:

1. Determine the author of the site. Look for an "About" section with information on the site's parent organization; if there is no "About," carefully examine the homepage, paying particular attention to the bottom margin for any names or clues. If a provided name (whether of an individual, organization, or institution) is unfamiliar, take the extra minute to Google the name and see what you can find!

2. Pay attention to tone and content: is the information provided fact, opinion, or propaganda?

3. For site content presented as fact, does the author provide sources/references for verification?

4. Check for timeliness. When was the site last update? Are links live and current?

5. Always ask yourself, "Why should I believe this site?"

Creating Citations

Noodle Tools

Create citations in APA, MLA or Chicago Style using a step-by-step process.

Important note: If you haven't used NoodleBib in awhile, you'll need to verify your status as a student (using the school name and password before logging on as yourself).

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