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Rap and Hip-Hop Research Resources

This guide provides an overview of Rap and Hip-Hop resources available through the Music & Performing Arts Library and other libraries across campus.

Sound Recordings & Song Analysis in the Catalog

The Library has recordings of many rap and hip-hop artists. You can use the library catalog to search for artists or albums by name if you're looking for something particular or you can browse using the advanced search to search by subject, selecting Rap (Music) or Hip-Hop (Music) and limiting to audio. See the Listening Suggestions box for a selection of rap and hip-hop collections and anthologies available on CD or to stream.

If you are looking for collected lyrics or resources on song analysis for rap and hip-hop, you can search by subject for Rap (Music) or Hip-Hop (Music) and Texts or Criticism. For some resources to get started, check out the recommendations at the bottom of the page.

Suggestions for Listening

Song Analysis & Lyric Books