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Illinois Environmental Law - Pollution and Sustainability : IEPA & Environmental Regulation

This LibGuide serves as a reference aid for Illinois Statutory Law regarding environmental and pollution regulations, sustainability initiatives, and energy efficiency standards. Commercial groups are encouraged to use guide to meet state requirements.

Illinois Environmental Rules

Title 35 of the Illinois Administrative Code establishes the enforcement of the EPA rules and regulations. Under Title 35, the Illinois Pollution Control Board, Environmental Protection Agency, and the Northeastern Illinois Planning Commission are formed.

Title 35 also establishes policies regarding the following:

  • Permits And General Provisions
  • Emission Reduction Programs
  • Emission Standards And Limitations For Stationary Sources
  • Toxic Air Contaminants
  • Open Burning
  • Emission Standards And Limitations For Mobile Sources
  • Air Quality Standards And Episodes
  • Water Monitoring And Reporting
  • Treatment Plant Permits and Certification
  • Sewage and Wastewater Regulations
  • Agriculture Related Water Pollution
  • Public Water Supplies
  • Hazardous Waste Operating Requirements
  • Underground Injection Control And Underground Storage Tank Programs
  • Risk Based Cleanup Objectives
  • Illinois "Superfund" Program
  • Right to Know

and many other rules and regulations relating to safe waste removal, noise control, etc.

Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA)

Beginning in July 1970, the Illinois EPA has acted at the state agency responsible for the enforcement of state and federal environmental laws and regulations. The IEPA protects the state's natural resources and cares for citizens through issuing permits, leading inspections, compliance enforcement procedures, and overseeing public water sources and waste-water treatment systems.

U.S. EPA YouTube Channel

Hazardous Waste & Toxic Substances