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CWL/MACS 207: Indian Cinema in Context: Lexis Nexis

A guide to library resources for students enrolled in CWL/MACS 207: Indian Cinema in Context

Quick Tips

To save an article you like in Lexis Nexis, be sure to either save it to your USB drive or email it to yourself, otherwise you may have difficulty accessing the article again later. To do this, use the icons at the top, right side of the article:

Lexis Nexis News Search

The easiest way to find a news article within a specificed date range in Lexis Nexis  is to use the "Advanced" options. 

There you will see options to specify a date range as well as an option to limit your search to only "Newspapers". After you have specified your date range and content type click on the "Apply" button in the bottom right corner.

You are now ready to enter your search terms in the search bar. But remember good results only come if you use good keywords! For example, rather than just searching for "Indian cinema" or "Bollywood", you may want to try searching for specific films, actors, directors, movie studios, etc.

Need help? Ask a librarian or visit the Lexis Nexis "All News" tutorial page.

Ask a Librarian