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Polish-Jewish Studies

The guide serves as an introduction to Polish-Jewish studies and draws on Polish and Jewish studies collections of the UIUC Library.

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Jews-Poland; Jews-Poland-History; Jews-Poland-Sources; Jews-Poland-Bibliography; Poland; Jews; Holocaust; Poland-History-Occupation, 1939-1945; Jews-Soviet Union, World War, 1939-1945; Jews, Polish; Antisemitism; Persecution; Ghettos; Pogroms

Article Databases


Haynt ("Today")

A Yiddish daily newspaper published in Poland. The complete, digitized run of Haynt from the National Library of Israel.



Polin: A Journal of Polish Jewish Studies
Call Number: 943.8004924 P759
ISSN: 0268-1056
Published annually since 1986 by the Institute for Polish-Jewish Studies (Oxford) and the Littman Library of Jewish Civilization, Polin covers all aspects of Polish-Jewish Studies. Each volume focuses on a particular issue or subfield. Recent volumes include “Jews in Krakow,” “Social and Cultural Boundaries in Pre-Modern Poland,” “1968: Forty Years After,” and “Making Holocaust Memory.” In 1993, essays from the first seven volumes of Polin were collected in From Shtetl to Socialism, edited by Antony Polonsky.

Gal-Ed: On the History of the Jews in Poland 
Call Number: 305.8927 G131
ISSN: 0334-4258
Hebrew and English. Published in Israel. Indexed by RAMBI. Covers all aspects of Polish-Jewish history.

Kwartalnik historii żydów = Jewish history quarterly
 Call Number: 325.25693 Z991
ISSN: 1425-9966
“The journal has been published since 1949, first as JHI's newsletter in 1950-53 as a semi-annual, and since then as a quarterly. It is addressed to people dealing with Jewish history in Poland, mainly to Polish and foreign scholars. Polish essays are supplemented with English summaries, some are originally in English or German, and some source materials are in Hebrew. Their contents range from antiquity up to the present, but the Holocaust and World War II are studied most extensively. Besides papers, the Quarterly features source documents from Polish or foreign archives and testimonies (diaries or memoirs). Local historiography on towns and regions is also represented. Every issue includes reviews on recent Polish or foreign publications, a survey of foreign (mostly Jewish) press and a bibliography of Jewish-related publications in Poland. The current output of JHI's research staff and other scholars is presented in Jewish History Quarterly, which is a direct continuation of the Biuletyn Zydowskiego Instytutu Historycznego (The Bulletin of the Jewish Historical Institute), published by JHI from November 1950 until the end of 2000.” (description from Żydowski Instytut Historyczny)

Until 2000 this journal was formerly known as “Biuletyn Żydowskiego Instytutu Historycznego.” For call numbers and locations for the issues published before the year 2000, please see the entry below.

Biuletyn Żydowskiego Instytutu Historycznego
 Call Number: 325.25693 Z99
ISSN: 0006-4033
In 2000 the bulletin "Biuletyn Zydowskiego Instytutu Historycznego" and its current publications were renamed "Kwartalnik historii żydów." For more information about this bulletin, please see the entry above.  

Studia Polono-Judaica
Call number: 016.3058924St94
A bibliography of bibliographies, this journal is published by the Jagiellonian University Press. The journal’s aim is to register regularly the whole Polish (and foreign) publications concerning Polish Jews starting with the 16th century up to the present. The following excerpt is taken from the introduction to volume one. “This journal presents information about bibliographies of great value, catalogues of documents (prints), Jewish encyclopedias, bio-bibliographical dictionaries, reviews of literature dealing with different spheres and branches, up to date archives directories (together with the list of addresses of Record Offices in Poland) and about any other reference books of Polish Judaica.”

In 2001, this series was renamed "Studia Judaica-Cracoviensia." For information about the call number and location please see the entry for Studia Judaica-Cracoviensia.

Studia Judaica-Cracoviensia
Call Number: 016.3058924St941
In 2001 the series “Studia Polono Judaica” and its following publications were renamed "Studia Judaica-Cracoviensia." For call numbers and locations for the issues published after 2001 please see the entry for Studia Polono-Judaica.

This magazine (written in Polish) covers all aspects of Jewish life in Poland: literature, religion, politics, and social issues. It is especially focused on educating Poles who want to reconnect with their Jewish heritage.

Rare Periodicals of the ZIH (Jewish Historical Institute, Warsaw)
Call Number: 305.89240438R182
The collection of rare 19th and 20th century periodicals (on film) from the Jewish Historical Instutute in Warsaw.  The UIUC Library has Polish, Yiddish, and Hebrew publications subsets (total of 53 reels).