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Polish-Jewish Studies

The guide serves as an introduction to Polish-Jewish studies and draws on Polish and Jewish studies collections of the UIUC Library.


Bibliographies in English

Bibliographies in Other Languages

Bibliografia Historii Żydόw W Polsce I W Krajach Ościennych Za Lata 1900 1930 / Bibliography on the history of the Jews in Poland and in neigboring lands 1900-1930 - Majer Bałaban
The first bibliography on Polish-Jewish Studies compiled by Majer Bałaban. The bibliiography is organized by topic and includes sections such as culture, economics, religion, etc. For more information on Majer Bałaban and his other foundational works to the field of Polish-Jewish studies please see the Books tab.

Bibliografia Judaikόw Polskich Sulecia XV-XVIII – Ed. Stanisław Siess-Krzyszkowski
Call Number: 016.3058924 Es8b
ISBN: 83-87553-94-8
ISSN: 1733-4845
A compact Polish language resource for old prints, magazines, and literature of Polish Jewry in the 15th to 18th centuries.

Przewodnik Po Bibliografiach Polskich Judaikόw / Guide to Bibliographies of Polish Judaica – Ed. Krzyszof Pilarczyk
Call Number: 016.3058924 P957
ISBN: 83-233-0488-2
A comprehensive Polish and English language bibliography. The bibliography is organized into two parts which are the “Directory Publications and Card Index with Polono-Judaica In Structural Repartition” and "Bibliographical Materials in Thematical Order.” The following is taken from the introduction: “The purpose of the “Guide…” is to present information about bibliographies of great value, catalogues of documents (prints), Jewish encyclopedias, bio-bibliographical dictionaries, reviews of literature dealing with different spheres and branches, up to date archives directories and about any other reference books of Polish Judaica.” “The whole material within its chronologic limits comprises the period from the 17th century (initial bibliographies of hebraica) till the end of 1990.

Dokumnety życia społecznego Żydόw polskich (1918 - 1939) w zbiorach Biblioteki Narodowej / Documents of Jewish Life in Poland (1918 – 1939) from the National Library Collection – Ed. Barbara Łętocha, Alina Cała, Zofia Głowicka
Call Number: Q.016.3058924 D685
ISBN: 83-7009-260-8
A very good visual resource. The majority of these sources are ephemera, publications, posters, leaflets, pamphlets, etc. The following is taken from the introduction: “We have included here 1002 publications selected from the collection of documents concerning Jewish social life in Poland (1918-1939), which numbers altogether about 3000 items” “Our goal has been to open access to the extensive collection of sources, which were published in small print-runs, and are often rare enough to be considered unique.

Żydowskie periodyki i druki okazjonalne w języku polskim: Bibliografia – Alina Cała
Call Number: Q.016.0738.C125z
ISBN: 83-7009-587-0
A bibliography of Jewish periodicals and occasional prints in the Polish language. Contains detailed indexes that can be searched by organization, individual, printer, and place of printing.

Palestine In Jewish Ephemera Published in Interwar Poland / Palestyna w żydowskich drukach ulotnych wydanych w II Rzeczypospolitej
ISBN: ISBN: 978-83-7009-720-2
From the introduction, “The present collection of documents (ephemera) illustrates the activity of Polish Jews aimed at the establishment of a Jewish state in Palestine.” “The documents are arranged by the year of their publication, and – next - by the place of publication. The prints without obvious date are presented in the final part.” Most of the included documents are provided with both Polish and English language transcriptions. In addition, this collection provides an extensive amount of original document illustrations which are depicted in Hebrew and Polish.