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Finding Chemistry E-Books: External Chemistry E-Book Collections

A guide to chemistry ebooks, including how to find them in the catalog and key e-book publishers for chemistry.

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Please visit the Chemistry Library website for more information regarding subject databases, journals, conference and dissertation documents, and other resources.

Note on Electronic Resources

Many electronic resources provided by the University of Illinois are subscription services available only to university patrons. If you are using an off-campus computer, you will be required to log in with your NetID and password when following a link from the library web page. If you go directly to a subscription resource from an off-campus computer, you will not have access. You will need to find the resource through the library web page in order to gain entry.

If you need any help accessing materials, please contact the Chemistry Library at (217) 333-3737 or email

Electronic Book Collections

Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC)

The Royal Society of Chemistry publishes 40 peer-reviewed journals, more than 1,500 print books, and a collection of online databases and literature updating services. With more than 51,000 members the RSC is an international resource for chemical scientists.

ACS Symposium Series

The ACS Symposium Series is part of ACS eBooks and are peer-reviewed eBooks developed from ACS technical divisions' symposia. The series covers a broad range of topics including agricultural and food chemistry, cellulose and renewable materials, chemical education, organic chemistry, polymer chemistry, materials, and many others.

ACS Advances in Chemistry

The Advances in Chemistry series is part of ACS eBooks and was the predecessor to the ACS Symposium Series. These peer-reviewed book series were published from 1949 – 1998 as a means to provide the research community with an avenue to publish content regarding special topics that was beyond the scope of the existing ACS journals.


ScienceDirect is operated by the publisher Elsevier. It provides access to over 26,000 e-books and 2000 academic journals. The collection covers the subject areas of physical sciences and engineering, health sciences, life sciences, social sciences, and the humanities.

Wiley Online Library

The Wiley Online Library provides international scientific, technical, medical, and scholarly publishing information. Wiley Online Library hosts resources covering physical sciences, life sciences, social science, and the humanities. It provides access to over six million articles from over 1,500 journals, 16,000 online books, and hundreds of reference works, laboratory protocols and databases. Please Note: This link leads to browseable list of all Wiley titles, not just chemistry. Only titles with an "unlocked" icon are currently available to UIUC patrons.


Provides online full-text access to over 25,000 books and houses over nine million documents within numerous disciplines. SpringerLink provides access to eBooks, journals, protocols, and reference work entries.

ProQuest/Safari Books Online

Safari Books Online provides over 39,564 technology, science, digital media, and business books and videos. Please Note: Only items marked with a green box are available to UIUC patrons.

Smaller Collections

Cambridge Books Online

Cambridge University Press is one of the largest academic publishers in the world and publishes materials for many disciplines. Please note: Only items marked with the green "P" circle are available to UIUC patrons.


As part of the Taylor & Francis Group, CRCnetBASE offers access to scientific, technical, and medical reference documents. CRCnetBASE offers a comprehensive eBook collection that includes more than 12,000 references in over 350 subject areas from more than forty collections. CRCnetBASE features over ten million pages of content. Please Note: This link leads to a browseable list of all CRCnet titles, opened to the chemistry list.

ProQuest ebrary

The ProQuest ebrary collection features many titles across many disciplines. Please Note: This link provides some quality chemistry resources through ProQuest.


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