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Curriculum & Instruction 420: Foundations of Early Childhood Education: Help! Do we own my source?

Class guide for C&I 420.

Help! Do we own my source?

In the course of your research, it's very likely that you will come across a reference to a source you'd like to see that isn't immediately available.  This may a journal article listed in a database that we don't have online access to, or a book written by your author that the library doesn't own.  This page is designed to help you get access to those sources. 

Journal Articles: Online Access

If you don't see a fulltext button next to an article you're interested in, then look for this link:

If you click on this, it will tell you if we have online access to the article.  Just click on the link to view the article:


Library Catalog entry for Ella Flagg Young "portrait of a leader" with the online availabilty highlighted


If there isn't full text available online for your topic, then click on the "How to Get It" tab to see if we have print available.  Be sure you click through to the catalog entry to look at the years that we have available! To get a copy of an article for which the Library has no print or online versions, request it through InterLibrary Loan (see below).

Image of the catalog entry for "Kindergarten spirit in the grade" the Interlibrary loan request section is highlighted


Screen shot of library catalog menu highlighting "I-Share Catalog" section

Interlibrary Loan

Books: If no I-Share library has a copy of a book you would like to use for your research, you can request one via the Illiad InterLibrary Loan system. Log in with your NetId and password, and then click on the "Request a Book" button. Put as much information as you can find about your book on the form (author, title, date of publication, ect.) to make sure that you get the right one.  It can take up to three weeks to get a book, so make sure you order anything you need well before your paper is due. 


Articles: If we don't have print or online access to an article that you need, you can order a copy through Interlibrary Loan.  To order an article, log into Illiad InterLibrary Loan with your NetId and password, and click on "Request a Photocopy."  You will need the complete citation (generally authors, year of publication, article title, journal name, volume, page numbers), and cannot abbrievate anything. Most requests are filled within 3-7 days. Articles are provided electronically as PDF files (if available) with notification by email. Be sure that your email is correct on the request form. 

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