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EALC 550/398: Law and Society in Chinese History: Chinese

EALC 550/398 Law and Society in Chinese History

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Research Tools and Refences

北美中国学,研究概述与文献资源。北京:中华书局,2011。(to be cataloged)

Place Names
中国古今地名对照表 DS705 .X84 (IAS Reference Room)

中国古今地名大词典 DS705 .Z57 (IAS Reference Room)

The Times atlas of China Q. 912.51 T482


Official titles:

A dictionary of official titles in imperial China 中国古代官名辞典 JQ1512.Z13 H83 (IAS Reference Room)

中國歷代職官辭典 JQ1512.Z13 C48 1999 (IAS Reference Room)