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EALC 550/398: Law and Society in Chinese History: Resources for Legal Studies (Japanese)

EALC 550/398 Law and Society in Chinese History


These databases are useful for searching Japanese law, legal systems, cases, government documents, and foreign relations from early modern to current.


<議会資料> Congressional Documents

帝国議会会議録Imperial Diet Proceedings. Covers from November, 1890 to March, 1947.

国立公文書館デジタルアーカイブNational Archives of Japan Digital Archive. Cabinet decisions. Covers pre-war documents

国会会議録検索システム Search available from 1947.


<法令> Laws, ordinances, rules and regulations

日本法令索引 明治前期


<外交>International Relations

日本外交文書デジタルアーカイブ Digital Archives of the Document of Japanese Foreign Policy. 1867—1940



<判例> Judicial precedents

判例検索システム Judicial precedent search system. Covers judicial precedents from 1947.


Hōseishi bunken mokuroku: (1945-1959, Shōwa 20-nen-34-nen) 法制史文献目録 Z3308.L3 H6

Meiji jidai hōritsusho kaidai 明治時代法律書解題

Nihon hoseishi shiryoshu 日本法制史史料集 KNX120.N5375

Nihon kingendaihoshi : shiryo, nenpyo 日本近現代法史 KNX120 .F85

Nihon horei sakuin 日本法令索引 Z6458.J3 N53X

Nihon Kindaiho an’nai: yokoso shiryo no mori e 日本近代法案内:ようこそ史料の森へ NX120.N55

Sanseido Shin roppo 2006: okina katsuji no 三省堂新六法: 大きな活字の KNX12 .S36 2006 (IAS Library Reference, non-circulating)

Shokuminchi Teikoku Nihon no hōteki kōzō 植民地帝国日本の法的構KNX2680 .S56