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Google for Academic Research

A guide on techniques for researchers to increase their skills with Google's various search options.

Advanced Search Results

Above, you'll notice that you will have to navigate to the three horizontal lines on the left side of the screen to access Google Scholar's advanced search features. By clicking on the "advanced search" link, a box will pop up with many options that will allow you to refine your search. This advanced search will allow you to sort by specific phrases, as well as authors and date ranges.


Advanced search options

Article Specifics

Once you are looking at a single result, there are a few options for the item. Some of these include:

  • The star feature will allow you to save an article in your library.
  • The quoatation marks will give you a generated citation in the 5 most popular styles and options to import to several citation managers.
  • "Cited By" will show you a list of works that cited this article.
  • "Related Articles" will direct you to articles on the same or a similar subject.
  • "Discover UIUC Full Text" will direct you to library databases that contain the article.

Screenshot of a search result for "algorithmic bias."