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Current Events Guide to Political and Social Change in the Arab World : News Sources

University of Illinois Library News Sources

Google News

These feeds are returning results for "Egypt," "Tunisia," "Libya," "Algeria," "Bahrain," "Morocco," "Yemen," "Syria," "Jordan" from Google News

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Reddit Middle East News

NY Times Middle East News

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Tunisia News

HubPages - colonial82

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Web News Sources

Online News Publications

Africa Focus The Past of a Regime
Ahram Online News Politics Business & Sports from Egypt
Algeria Daily Breaking News from the North Africa
Atlantic Monthly (search results: Egypt)
Al Jazeera English News Outlet from Qatar
Al Jazeera - Libya Live Blog Developing Stories from Libya
Al-Masry al-Youm Independent Daily Newspaper in Egypt
All Africa
The Arabist An informed Blog
BBC Timeline of Protests
British Journalist Johnathan Cook based Nazareth
Democrazy Now! Community Media TV/Radio Program
The Electronic Intifada News from a Palestinian Perspective 
Foreign Policy Magazine the Global Magazine of Economics, Politics, and Ideas
Global Voices - Egypt Citizen Media from around the World
Global Voices - Tunisia Citizen Media from around the World
Haaretz Israeli News
HyperCities - Egypt Geo-Spatial Tweet Archive
Jerusalem Post Israeli News in English
Josh Landis Syria Blog Focus on Syria and Lebanon
Juan Cole Informed Comment Blog
Mondoweiss Middle East politics and current events
Pambazuka Pan-African Voices for Freedom and Justice
La Presse Tunisian Newspaper The Real News Network Has a Middle East section
Tabsir Blog Politcs, History, Culture - Islam & Milddle East
Tomsdispatch Alternative News Blog
Bernard Lewis Revisited Washington Monthly
Y-Net News Israel News

Wadah Khanfar: A Historic Moment in the Arab World

Empire - Social Networks, Social Revolution

Via Al-Jazeera English [Video]

The Egyptian Revolution on Twitter

Time Magazine Middle East Blog

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Libya - The Big Picture Photoblog

The Big Picture is the Boston Globe's photoblog

Libya: Unrest and Uncertainty

Arab Democracy Twitter Feed

Misc Middle East Twitter Feeds


#tahrir  #egypt  #sidibouzid

#jan25   #tunisia #libya

#feb17 #bahrain #feb14

#yemen #benghazi #sidibouzid


@sarrahsworld Egyptian Student

@democracynow Daily News on Radio & TV

@NickKristof NY Times Correspondant

@wikileaks Controversial News Outlet

@hadeelalsh Correspondant for the AP in the Middle East

@ghonim Google Exec./Egyptian Activist

@monaeltahawy Columnist

@Elazul Egyptian Student

@petesbigmouth/stand-up-egypt/ Host of show Stand Up!    

Voice to Tweet

Alive in Egypt A service that allows phone calls to be converted into tweets, specifically focused on Egypt.

Translation List of #Egypt Speak2Tweet Translations of several tweets #Egypt

NPR Middle East Feed

National Public Radio (US)

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the Guardian Middle East Feed

The Guardian is a daily newspaper from London, England.

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