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Russian and East European Science Fiction

Online Research Resources (ORR)

Online Research Resources, commonly referred to as ORR, is the entry point for accessing UIUC Library electronic resources. It can be accessed from the Library Gateway by selecting Online Research Resources from QUICK LINKS.

ORR is divided into four main categories (which can be selected by clicking on the appropriate tab):

  • Article Indexes & Abstracts
  • Journals & Newspapers
  • Reference Tools
  • All Resources

Online Research Resources

When searching the ORR, each resource category provides three search options:

Title search

Use the title search if there is a specific resource you are looking for, and you know all or part of the title, or its abbreviation. Enter these into the search box immediately under the tabs at the top of the page. Note that you have the option to shift between Title Keywords & Abbreviations, Start of Title, and Title options.

Browsing alphabetically

To browse alphabetically by title, select the letter or numeral that the resource title begins with from the list provided underneath the search box.

Subject search

Subject browsing is best used when you have a subject area in mind, but not a specific resource. To see an a list of resources in a subject area, click on the best match from the list of subjects at the bottom of the page.

To view resources from multiple subject areas concurrently, check the Use Multiple Subjects box, then check the box beside each relevant subject, and finally click Browse selected subjects together (that last option appears after the Multiple Subjects box is checked).

The ORR Help page provides detailed instruction of the use of he Online Research Resources --


Tutorials and Finding Aids

Citation Management Tools

Subject Guide

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