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Farm, Field and Fireside: Indian Lands

A guide to the Farm, Field and Fireside collection of farm periodicals. Covers the subject of Indian lands during the period of allotment (1887-1934).


[Illustration from: Densmore, Frances. "An Indian Council Fire in Minnesota." The Farmer's Wife. XV.5 (September, 1910): p. 105.]

This guide supplements the Farm, Field, and Fireside Research Guide. It includes more information on the "opening up" of Indian Lands for settlement by Americans, and on how to find articles about that topic in Farm, Field and Fireside

We've included resources in this guide that should help you contextualize what you see in Farm, Field and Fireside, and should also assist you in constructing more focused keyword searches.

Reserved Indian lands were legally opened for settlement through legislative action and executive order at the federal level; the guide therefore emphasizes to a certain extent government documents. Farm journals not only responded to the government's land policy, but attempted to influence it by mobilizing popular opinion.1





This guide created by Geoffrey Ross, June 17, 2009.