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International Business

Business Source Ultimate

To search for a topic, use the Advanced Search page and enter your search terms, using the drop-down menus to specify where those terms should appear inside each item in the results list. To explore topics in relation to each other, click on the Visual Search tab.  Enter a keyword, such as strategy or employment, into the Find box and hit the Search button

One of the more popular sources to search in BSU is Harvard Business Review.  Here are some easy steps to search from the digital shelf.  See screenshot below to give you an idea how this works, example is an article entitled "Eager Sellers & Stony Buyers" which was published in June 2006:

  • Type in the article title in the first search box (Eager Sellers & Stony Buyers) and select TI (title) from the Drop-down menu of database fields next to the search box
  • Below is a Publication Box.  Type Harvard Business Review
  • To the right side is Published Date, Choose Month and Year drop-downs for the year the article was published.  For this article, 
  • Click the Orange Search button on the screen


The search result should look like this (see screenshot below).  


The first one is the article itself, including a link to the PDF to download.  The second result (and there may be more, but not for this particular article) is a Letter to the Editor.  Sometimes there is a follow-up editorial note as well, also in PDF. 

You can search for other journal articles replicating these steps.  If you have trouble finding the article, feel free to e-mail the Business Information Services library team at 



Newsbank/Access World News

NewsBank/Access World News

This resource allows you to search newspapers and filter your search results by geographical area. For example, to filter your search results to only sources from China, enter your search terms in the box of the top of the homepage and click "search". On the lefthand side, there is a navigation bar titled "Limit results to:". Click on "Country", and then click on the country of your choice. If you select these limits, your search results will only show you sources from newspapers in that country.


(Note: Continues: LibraryPressDisplay)
The world leader in out-of-market newspaper and magazine distribution, enabling publishers to reach their readership through innovative digital and networking solutions. You can select countries, languages, categories, and publication types on the left side, or just enter the name of the newspaper/magazine in the search box located at the up right corner.

ProQuest One Business

ProQuest One Business

Access this resource directly through the UIUC proxy link above.

This is a comprehensive database of scholarly journals, magazines, trade publications, newspapers, books, reports, dissertations, and working papers. To get database help, click here and then click on various links in the left-hand navigation column such as 'Basic Search' or 'Advanced Search: Database Specific.'

For example, to search for industry statistics and reports: Search for an industry name as a subject or enter/look up NAICS code; choose "statistics/data report" as "document type";  click search.