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Agribusiness Markets & Management: Marketing & Pricing

A collection of resources for students interested in agribusiness markets and management.

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Ag Marketing Extension - Penn State
World Wide Web

This site, provided by the Penn State Univeristy College of Agriculture, provides a wealth of resources on commodity, wholesale, and retail marketing, as well as information on the business management, financial tools, safety, and information for beginner farmers.

USDA Agricultural Marketing Service
World Wide Web 

Here, you can find information on grading and certification (including organic certification), farmers markets, research and grant programs, international marketing, news, and much more.

 The USDA Marketing Service "administers programs that facilitate the efficient, fair marketing of U.S. agricultural products, including food, fiber, and specialty crops."

NASS Agricultural Pricing Information
World Wide Web

Provided by the USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service, this site offers charts and maps for agricultural commodities by prices paid and received.

Agricultural Pricing Analysis: Tools

FAO GIEWS National Basic Food Prices: Data & Analysis Tool
World Wide Web

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations offers an onine database and charting tool for international food prices over time.  The tool is super easy to use: pick countries and commodities from the drop-down menus provided, and the tool does the rest.

Perform a Regression Analysis in Excel
World Wide Web

This article breaks down how to use Microsoft Excel's formula and modeling tools to perform linear, exponential, and multiple regression analyses.  The article speaks for version 2003, but not too much has changed in essentials since then, and so the tutorial is still relevant.

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