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Pet Care Resources: Fish

A Veterinary Medicine Library Subject Guide providing suggested resources and other information on a variety of general pet care topics.

Fish Care Literature

Blasiola, George C. and Matthew M. Vriends. The Saltwater Aquarium Handbook: Everything About Setting up a Marine Aquarium, Aquarium Conditioning and Maintenance, Selecting Fish and Invertebrates. Bron's Educational Series, 2000. 144 p. ISBN: 0764112414.

Burgess, Peter. Tropical Fishlopaedia: A Complete Guide to Tropical Fish Care. Howell Books, 2000. 320 p. ISBN: 1582451664.

Verhoef-Verhallen, Esther J. J. The Complete Encyclopedia of Tropical Fish.
Entries include scientific and common name, origin, size, habitat, description, and general care and breeding information.

Dawes, John. Tropical Aquarium Fish: A Step-by-Step Guide to Setting up and Maintaining a Freshwater or Marine Aquarium. New Holland Publishers, 2000. 96 p. ISBN: 1853685798.

Degen, Bernd. The Proper Care of Discus. TFH Publications, 1995. 256 p. ISBN: 086622548X.

Geran, James. The Proper Care of Goldfish. TFH Publications, 2000. 256 p. ISBN: 079383158X.

Sakamoto, Yohei and Mori, Fumitashi. Aquarium Fish of the World: The Comprehensive Guide to 650 Species. Chronicle Books, 1991.
Colorfully photographed book describing many different species of aquarium fish.

Sandford, Gina. Aquarium Owner's Guide. 1st American ed. DK Publishing, 2000. 256 p. ISBN: 0789446146.

Schmida, Gunther E. Rainbow Fish. Barron's Educational Series, 2000. 104 p. ISBN: 0764111809.

Schuster, Simon A. Simon and Schuster's Complete Guide to Freshwater and Marine Aquarium Fishes. Simon & Schuster Trade, 1988. ISBN: 0671228099. 

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