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Pet Care Resources: Ferrets

A Veterinary Medicine Library Subject Guide providing suggested resources and other information on a variety of general pet care topics.

Ferret Care Resources

Field, Mary. Ferrets Today: A Complete and Up-to-Date Guide. ASPCA; Chelsea house Publishers, 1997. 64 p. ISBN: 0791046079.

Recommended for ages 8-18 years.

Field, Mary. Guide to Owning a Ferret: Housing, Grooming, Training, Temperament, Health, Breeding. TFH Publications, 1996. 64 p. ISBN: 0793821517.

French, Eric. Keeping Ferrets. TFH Publications, 2000. 64 p. ISBN: 0793830559. 

Shefferman, Mary. The Ferret: An Owner's Guide to a Happy, Healthy Pet. Howell Books, 1996. 128 p. ISBN: 087605498X.

Siino, Betsy Sikora, editor. The Ferret. MacMillan General Reference USA, 1999. 92 p. ISBN: 1582450781.
Covers ferret nutrition, health, care, and so on.

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