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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Intro to Cricut Services at the IDEA Lab

a brief guide to the Cricut Maker 3 on campus

An Intro to Design Space

Cricut Design Space is the software that works with and communicates with the Cricut machine. In Design Space, you can design, upload, and select your design that the Cricut will make. 

Design Space is free to use and install. You do not need a Cricut machine set up on your device or connected to your account to use Design Space. 

Design Space is the only software application that will work with the Cricut Maker 3. 

a screenclipping of the Design Space Canvas

For installation instructions for your device, please refer to the Cricut guide on downloading and installing design space.

As of January 29, 2020, the web-based version of Design Space was discontinued. All clients are directed to use the application.

There is no set login/password for Design Space. It is not linked with your NetID but you are welcome to use your UIUC email if you wish! If you use your campus email, the password does not need to be the same as your NetID password. Using your campus affiliated email would mean that you could lose access to your account should you leave the University and need to reset your password.

You can create your account after installing Design Space.

a screenclipping of the prompts to create your own account for Cricut Design Space

Design Terminology to Know

Attach: a function located in the layers menu keeps your layers in the same arrangement on the canvas and the mat

Align: a function located in the top toolbar is used to help line up and space images

Contour: a function located in the layers menu allows you to edit an image by deleting part of it

Curve: a function located in the top toolbar (when text is selected) allows you to add an arc text

Flip: a function located in the top toolbar allows you to mirror an image on the X or Y axis

Group: allows you to put two or more images together on the Canvas to manipulate them all at once; if you are looking to make the grouping permanent, use the Attach tool as grouped items can be ungrouped

Layer: refers to every element or image on your canvas; the menu on the bottom right allows you to manipulate the arrangement of the layers

Letter Spacing: a function in the top toolbar (when text is selected) that allows to you create or take away space in between letters

Mirror: a feature after you have clicked “Make It” on your canvas; this will flip your image which is important for certain types of material and what your goal is for the project; very important for projects involving iron-on vinyl or sublimination

Offset: a function located in the top toolbar allows you to add a border or background around an image or text which creates a larger layer within the image

Operation: a function located in the top toolbar that determines how the Cricut will produce your design by cutting, drawing, scoring, engraving, debossing, waving, or perforating

Weld: a function located in the layers menu takes two or more shapes and turns them into a single shape