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History 400: War, Society, Politics and Culture: Viet Nam

Research guide for History 400, War, Society, Politics and Culture: Viet Nam.

On this Page

This page explains how to find news sources in the library. Newspapers are the principal news source collected by libraries, but research libraries increasingly collect broadcast news recordings, newsreels (originally shown in movie theaters), and newswire reports.

Learn more about using newspapers in historical research:

UIUC Newspaper Database

To find a specific newspaper, or to identify newspapers published in a specific year or place, or newspapers published for a specific audience (e.g. African Americans, farmers), use the University of Illinois Library Newspaper Database:

Major Metropolitan Daily Newspapers

For the major metropolitan newspapers of the post-Civil War era, and especially the twentieth century, the best place to begin is ProQuest Historical Newspapers:

The following are some of the major titles in this collection:

Non-US Newspapers

Other News Sources

This section lists sources of foreign news services, as well as US newsreels, television news, newswires, and public opinion polling services.