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History 400: War, Society, Politics and Culture: Viet Nam

Research guide for History 400, War, Society, Politics and Culture: Viet Nam.

Guide overview

This research guide will help you find primary and secondary sources related to the history of Viet Nam. Please explore all sections of the guide. Here are some quick links to key sources to get you started.

Find a Librarian to Help You

Wondering where to start? Feel free to contact us:

Celestina Savonius-Wroth is the History Librarian.

Cindy Ingold is the Political Science Librarian.

Sanga Sung is the Government Information Librarian.

Contact these librarians to schedule a consultation, or to ask questions about your library research. For more librarians, see the Get Research Help from an Expert page on this guide.

Find Books

Start from the Books--> Library Catalogs page of this guide.

If you'd like to start by browsing, try the links from the Subject Headings section.

Find Newspapers

A good place to start for US news coverage of historical events:

Find more news sources from the Newspapers and Other News Sources page of this guide.

Find Digital Collections

See the Other Source Collections -->Digital Collections page on this guide. The History, Philosophy, and Newspaper Library also has a guide to digital collections for historical research: