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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Basic Data Analysis in Python

This guide will go over how to utilize the Python programming language for basic data analysis.

More Resources

This LibGuide only covered the most basic forms of data analysis in Python. Data analysis can quickly get complex and unwieldy, so it might take more to learn these more advanced techniques! In this section, we will provide some starting points for further study.

General Tutorials

Ligent Tutorials - channel ran by UIUC iSchool lecturer Kevin Trainor that has wide-ranging tutorials for Python

Tutorial for custom virtual environment in PyCharm, as mentioned in "Downloading PyCharm"

Tutorial for installing PyCharm on MacOS

Python Full Beginners Course

Beginners Full Course


Pandas is a large, open-source package catered towards data analysis. Following are ways to begin learning what the package has to offer!

Pandas Webpage

Pandas Documentation

Pandas Community Created Tutorials

Python Video Tutorial

Episode-based Pandas Video Tutorials

30 Useful Pandas Functions for Everyday Use

Further Help and Resources

The following are links to websites dedicated to coding/programming Q&A forums.

Official Python Forum

Stack Overflow

Code Forum

Learn Programming on Reddit