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Finding Numeric Data

Illinois Data

A map of Illinois divided into counties showing bordering statesThe below resources provide datasets and databases to search for numeric data pertaining to the state of Illinois. Some of the resources are restricted by counties and regions of Illinois, while others provide different types of data. All of the resources below contain free data downloadable from the internet.


Name & Link Description Location Data Type Time
Cancer in Illinois Data on cancer in Illinois by site (e.g., floor of mouth and pancreas), stage, year or five-year period, race and ethnicity, county, and zip code. Racial categories for counties other than Cook are limited to 'white' and 'black'. Data on ethnicity is provided only for Cook County and Illinois as a whole. Illinois by county Cancer data 1988-2012 | Open Illinois A browse-able and searchable portal to public data generated by Illinois government agencies. Illinois Health, Housing, Labor, Medicaid, Municipality, Public Health, Public Safety, Recreation, Reference, Social/Healthcare  
Illinois Department of Employment Security—Data Statistics A clearinghouse of monthly, quarterly, and annual Illinois labor market data. Topics include job gains and losses, including mass layoffs; wages; employment projections; commuting; immigrant visas; and unemployment insurance. State of Illinois Market, Labor, Employment  
City of Chicago | Data Portal The City of Chicago’s Data Portal is dedicated to promoting access to government data and encouraging the development of creative tools to engage and serve Chicago's diverse community. Here you’ll find essential data presented in easy-to-use formats. Chicago Administration & Finance, Buildings, Community & Economic Development, Education, Environment & Sustainable Development, Ethics, Events, FOIA, Facilities & Geographic Boundaries, Health & Human Services, Historic Preservation, Parks & Recreation, Public Safety, Sanitation, Service Requests, Transportation  
CMAP Data Hub CMAP is the comprehensive regional planning organization for the Chicago metropolitan area. Its data hub provides GIS boundary files as well as data about the demographic, economic, and physical characteristics of the area. Chicago Metropolitian Area Surveys, Demographic, Economic, etc.  Current