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Finding Numeric Data

United States Data

A map of the United States with the major highways drawn in red and blue highway number markers.

The resources below are resources for finding data about the United States. The resources below include census data, United States Government websites, and others. Some of these resources are websites with free data and others are subscription based databases through the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.


Name & Link Description Location Data Type
Geolytics Census CD 1980 in 2000 Geographies (UIUC subscription) Download or display online reports and maps about the U.S. population in 1980. Data is comparable with the 2000 Decennial Census. United States Census Population Data (1990 & 2000)
Geolytics Census CD 1990 in 2000 Geographies (UIUC subscription) Download or display online reports and maps about the U.S. population in 1990. Data is comparable with data from the 2000 Census. United States Census Population Data (1990 & 2000)
Geolytics Census CD 2000 Long Form (UIUC subscription)

Download or display online data and maps describing the economic and social characteristics of the U.S. population in 2000.

United States Census Population Data (2000)
Social Explorer (UIUC subscription) Social Explorer is an online research tool designed to provide quick and easy access to current and historical census data and demographic information. The easy-to-use web interface lets users create maps and reports to better illustrate, analyze and understand demography and social change. United States Census Data (current & historical)
Roper Center for Public Opinion Research (UIUC subscription) The Roper Center for Public Opinion Research is one of the world's leading archives of social science data, specializing in data from surveys of public opinion. The data held by the Roper Center range from the 1930's, when survey research was in its infancy, to the present. Most of the data are from the United States, but over 50 nations are represented. United States and 50 other nations Public Opinion polls, Social Science Data
InterUniversity Consortium for Political and Social Research (UIUC subscription) ICPSR offers more than 500,000 digital files containing social science research data. Disciplines represented include political science, sociology, demography, economics, history, gerontology, criminal justice, public health, foreign policy, terrorism, health and medical care, early education, education, racial and ethnic minorities, psychology, law, substance abuse and mental health, and more. United States Political Science, Sociology, Demography, Economics, History, Gerontology, Criminal Justice, Public Health, Foreign Policy, Terrorism, Health and Medical Care, Early Education, Education, Racial & Ethnic Minorities, Psychology, Law, Substance Abuse, Mental Health
U.S. Housing and Urban Development This site contains descriptions of the many data sets that HUD provides about housing, housing assistance, and demographics that affect housing. Some GIS files are included. United States American Housing Survey, Fair Market Rents, Geospatial Data Resources, Government Sponsored Enterprise Data, Income Limits Includes more than 90 thousand open access datasets issued by the U.S. government--as well as many state and local governments--on topics such as agriculture, business, crime, education, energy, the environment, health, and science and research. Users may search within the datasets on a selected topic and also narrow their search results by subtopic, data format, data source, and other criteria. While the primary focus is the U.S., this resource also provides access to vast amounts of data concerning other countries and the world as a whole. United States Agriculture, Business, Climate, Consumer, Ecosystems, Education, Energy, Finance, Health, Local Government, Manufacturing, Ocean, Public Safety, Science & Research
NCDC Dataset Documentation Page Through this page, the National Climate Data Center provides information concerning each of its weather-related datasets. This resource enables users to retrieve documentation and metadata about particular datasets and to either download the corresponding data itself or contact the NCDC in order to request access to it. Most of this data pertains to the U.S. United States (and various other nations) Climate Data
Census Reporter Investigative Reporters and Editors designed this site to simplify access to 2010 Census data for journalists. Most users will easily find data through this resource. United States (Tracts, Places, Counties, County Subdivisions, States, and USA) Census Data
Integrated Health Interview Series Annual harmonized data on people in the U.S. National Health Interview Survey from the 1960's to the present. United States Health Survey Data
American Time Use Survey-X : ATUS Data Extract Builder Annual harmonized data from 2003 forward on how U.S. adults divide their time among activities. United States American Time Use Survey Data
IPUMS USA Harmonized data on people in the U.S. census and American Community Survey, from 1850 to the present. United States Census Data & American Community Survey 
Data Sets | Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life Project Downloadable data from the Pew Internet & American Life Project. The Project produces reports exploring the impact of the internet on families, communities, work and home, daily life, education, healthcare, and civic and political life. United States U.S. Politics, Media & News, Social Trends, Religion, Internet & Tech, Hispanics, Global
Center for Disease Control and Prevention The National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) offers downloadable public-use data files through the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Users have access to data sets, documentation, and questionnaires related to NCHS surveys and data collection systems. See "readme" files for instructions on downloading data. United States National Center for Health Statistics Data
School District Demographics System - Data Viewer Provides access to numeric and geographic data of the National Center for Education Statistics concerning the demographics, social characteristics, and economic conditions of children and school districts. United States

American Community Survey, Census Data

Data Access Tools from the Census Bureau Access Tiger/Line files, downloadable decennial census data, and equal employment opportunity data from this website. Also links to American Factfinder, where data can be searched and tables can be generated and downloaded. United States Census Data