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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

MSF/MSFE Guide to Library Research Sources

guide to databases and other resources related to the MSF/MSFE practicum projects.

Reference Solutions

Capital IQ

Capital IQ  (Gies only) 

What does it contain: profiles of 750,000 private and  public firms worldwide including financials, officers and directors (people) , ownership,  transactions, securities, key developments, estimates, filings, news, comparables analysis and more.



You may screen for companies or other criteria.  The training video on screening techniques is here.   You must be in the database to view it. 

The Market Information Lab has a good video on screening for deals (transactions).   Video is almost 17 minutes long, but gives several examples using scenarios. 





Refinitiv Workspace

Refinitiv Workspace

What does it provide: a platform that features market trends, company financial and deals data, private equity and venture capital, breaking news, and some reports by leading analysts and firms.


Note: you must sign up for an account first, using your IL Net ID.  It may take awhile for the registration to complete.  


The Wharton Research Data System is a platform of company and finance data.   Among the common datasets used for research:

  • Compustat - company financials and some equity pricing; also executive compensation
  • CRSP (pronounced "crisp") - Center for Research in Security Prices - daily equity prices going back to the 1960's
  • Bureau Van Djik - company fundamentals including subsidiaries globally; private company data is limited

Learners in MSF/MSFE may access WRDS once the instructors have set up class accounts.   

Procurement IQ