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Global Consumption Database

The Global Consumption Database is part of the World Bank. It's a one-stop source of data on household consumption patterns in developing countries. The data are based on national household surveys, which collect information for a group of households representative of the entire country. For each of the countries covered, the resulting datasets have been used to calculate the share of the population at different levels of consumption.

Households in developing countries were categorized in four consumption segments for the Global Consumption Database: lowest, low, middle, and higher. Four levels of consumption are used to segment the market in each country: lowest, low, middle, and higher. They are based on global income distribution data, which rank the global population by income per capita. 
These thresholds were used to establish the four consumption segments:
  • Lowest—below $2.97 per capita a day
  • Low—between $2.97 and $8.44 per capita a day
  • Middle—between $8.44 and $23.03 per capita a day
  • Higher—above $23.03 per capita a day

You can start your search by selecting a country, a sector, or a product/service in the dashboard.

Emerging Markets Information Service

To find information: first select a country or multiple countries; then click on company analysis, industry analysis, or country analysis tab; and type the name within search box.

OECD iLibrary

Proquest Statistical Insight

To get industry statistics, click on Index Terms under the search bar; select "industry and commerce"; click on Paste to search and then search.

International Financial Statistics from IMF eLibrary

This resource has time-series data for more than 200 countries and areas, exchange rates and fund position for member countries as well as information about national accounts, interest rates, inflation, etc. Maintained by the International Monetary Fund.

Once in the IMF eLibrary, select 'International Financial Statistics (IFS)' under 'Featured Data'.

For definitions of data terms, click here and select the Manuals and Guides tab.
For database help, click "Help" in the upper right-hand corner of the IMF eLibrary homepage.

EPS China Data