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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Indigenous Theatre Resource Guide

This guide provides an overview of Indigenous theatre resources available at the Music & Performing Arts Library. It also serves as a starting point for research on Indigenous theatre and performance practices.

Finding Playscripts

Playscripts by Indigenous authors can be found in several different places in MPAL's collection.

  • Online: The Library subscribes to several playscript collection databases that include works by Native American and First Nations playwrights.
  • Play Anthologies: Much of our Indigenous plays collection is published in anthologies. For some recommendations, check out the anthologies section below. You can search for these in the Library Catalog!
  • Plays Collection: The Plays Collection is opposite the computer area on the first floor of the library. Plays are arranged alphabetically by playwright's last name and then the title of the play.   


Play Anthologies

Plays Collection

The Plays Collection (opposite the computer area on the main floor of MPAL) is browsable by author last name. Please be aware that most of our print holdings of Indigenous playwrights are collected in anthologies or discoverable online through the playscript collection databases listed above. If you can't find an author you're looking for in the Plays Collection, make sure to check the Library Catalog and New Play Exchange as well. If you still can't find what you're looking for, ask a librarian at the service desk and we'll be happy to help!