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Technology in the Fire Service

A guide to help firefighters learn more about the history and progression of technology in firefighting.

Selected Readings

Because the fire service is deeply rooted in tradition, it can be hard for fire departments to adopt new technologies. The articles below go into detail about the tension between new technology and firefighting traditions.

  • Lattimer, B.Y., Huang, X., Delichatsios, M.A. et al. Use of Unmanned Aerial Systems in Outdoor Firefighting. Fire Technology 59, 2961–2988 (2023). (Full text of this Fire Technology paper is available from the UIUC Main Library collection for UIUC students and staff. Others may be able to interlibrary loan the paper through their local public library.)


The following resources are available for free online! They are all part of the Fire Service Dissertations and Theses Collection, which means that they were submitted by a candidate for an advanced academic degree. Theses and dissertations typically present an author's original research and findings, which make them great resources for research projects.


Best Bets

These magazines will be your best bets when looking for up to date information about firefighting technology. All of these titles can be found at the IFSI Library. You can also reach out to IFSI Librarians and we would be happy to help you find the articles you need!


Linked below are examples of magazine articles that can be found at the IFSI Library. You can either visit the Library in person to read these articles or have a digital file sent to you. More articles can also be found by searching our catalog, or by reaching out to IFSI Librarians. We are happy to help you find the information you need!

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