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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

BADM 563 - Operations Strategy

Supply Chain Industry

The Gartner Group is a research and advisory company focused on information technology (IT) technologies, practices, and strategies. It provides analysis to corporate, government, and higher education clients through a variety of media, including the Gartner Research website.  This research and analysis can be used throughout the University for planning, decision making, and measurement purposes for making continual process improvements towards industry best practices.

When clicking on the link, this will take you to a U-illinois research page to access Garner by campus.   Choose Urbana campus. 



Other Sites of Possible Interest

  • Port of Los Angeles  Site offers statistics and news about cargos which deliver goods to the port.   Of particular interest is dwell time statistics--cargo containers that sit at the port and have not been unloaded or empty containers moved out. 
    • 60 Minutes broadcasted a story on November 14, 2021 about the problems with supply chain disruption at the Port. 
  • Port of Long Beach Site offers some basic statistics and news concerning cargo flows delivering goods
  • Container Port Performance Index by World Bank and IHS Markit.