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Education Policy, Organization and Leadership 410: Racial and Ethnic Families: Immigration Resources

A Guide to Library Resources for Education Policy, Organization, and Leadership 410 (AFRO 421, EPS 421, and HDFS 424)


Immigration vs. Emigration vs. Migration

Immigration is the act of coming to live in another country from one’s previous country. An immigrant is someone coming to a new country.

Emigration is the act of settling in a new country after having left another country. An emigrant is someone leaving their country.

Migration is the act of movement from one home to a new place of residence. This can be within a country, such as moving to a different state, or can be moving from one country to another

Access to Excel software

Some statistical sources offer download options for data in Excel format. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign students, faculty, and staff can download a free copy of Microsoft Office, which includes Word and Excel, using the link and instructions at

Database searching

When searching databases like Academic Search Ultimate, it is important to think of keywords that can help you locate articles about your topic.

Using OR in the search tells the database that you are looking for articles on a particular subject that might use different terms. For example, using “Immigration” OR “Immigrant” will result in articles with either one of those terms or both of those terms being present in the title, abstract, or keywords in the database.

Using AND in a search tells the database that you are looking for articles that include two or more terms. For example if you are searching for articles about Ukrainian immigrants you would search for “Immigrant” OR “Immigration” AND “Ukrainian” OR “Ukraine.” For best results, you will want to put two or more topics into different search bars, as shown below.

search box on Academic Search Ultimate with search terms typed in

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