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Proust Library Guide: Articles


Proust Journals

There are many other journals that treat the author Proust and his works.

French Databases

UIUC brings together four platforms dedicated to electronic resources and academic information in the humanities and social sciences with a focus on French and Francophone studies. These are Open Edition Books,, Calendar and Hypotheses. At present the Library subscribes, which provides access to roughly 400 scholarly journals, and Calendar, which to date has published over 32,000 academic announcements. For more on Open Editions, go to their website at UIUC offers the most comprehensive online collection of Francophone publications in social sciences and humanities with more than 400 journals  from major French, Belgian and Swiss publishers can be accessed by students, scholars and librarians worldwide. Users will find articles in via various UIUC Library search tools, such as the Library Catalog and Find Online Journals and Databses. The easiest way to search CAIRN is by being logged into the Campus VPN (using "Tunnel All") and using the CAIRN website.

Online Databases for Literary & Film Criticism

 Other databases