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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Finding Online Newspapers

This guide is intended to teach students, faculty, and staff at the University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign how to search for and access current and past issues of popular newspapers online through our library subscribed databases.

Starting Your Search

1. To begin your search for online newspapers, navigate to the library gateway, or the main library website.

2. Locate the "Online Journals" icon under the "Find Materials" tab. It is the last icon in the second row.

screenshot of "Find Materials" icons on libary website. The last icon in the second row that looks like a journal article for "Find Online Journals" is circled.

3. In the search bar for journal search, type the title of the newspaper/publication you are looking for. It is often easier to search for current issues/publications by title because the database in which it is available will vary for each publication based on date range (see step 5).

screenshot of library catalog with the journal search bar circled.


4. Your search will yield both physical journal holdings in our libraries and electronic holdings. The online editions of these newspapers and publications will be indicated with an "available online" link at the bottom of each result (see arrow). Sometimes this will also be indicated in the title field. In this case, the online version of The Wall Street Journal is the fifth result.

Screenshot of circled catalog record for "Wall Street Journal (Eastern ed.: Online)." Arrow is pointing to "Available Online" link underneat the title.

5. Once you click on the publication you are looking for, you can scroll down to see the date ranges available and which databases the online publication is available in based on your date range of interest.

Screenshot of database links under the "View Online" heading for the catalog record.

Tips: Start your search by just trying the newspaper name like "Wall Street Journal" or "New York Times." If this does not bring up results with links to the current issues, try the search again but add online to the search-- "Wall Street Journal Online" or "New York Times Online." Sometimes the title you are looking for is not the first result, so make sure to scroll through the list to check that you aren't overlooking the title. There will be an "available online" link underneath the title, which will make online newspapers/publications easier to identify.


Searching for Online Newspapers by Title