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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

ABZ: Artists' Books & Zines: Resources Outside the Library

A guide to the artist's books and zines in Ricker's collections, materials across the university library system, notable makers of interest, and further related resources.

About This Page

On this page are resources that are not affiliated with the University that may be helpful in getting a wider sense of the worlds of zines, artists' books, and independently published media more broadly. The Libraries and Collections linked down below offer their own suggestions for further resources, and often, have digitized parts of their collections so you can view materials from wherever you can access the Internet through. The tab on Organizations has some examples of organizations that are doing interesting research of their own, organizing conferences across platforms, and inviting multimedia interactions including writing prompts and recorded poetry readings. Following this section is a tab with Videos from Cultural Heritage Collections around the world walking viewers through the artists' books and zines they curated for exhibition. Lastly, there's a tab for fairs including a direct link to a live wiki calendar of fairs around the world. 

Please do drop us a note if you have a resource you'd like to share or would like more support in finding resources not mentioned here!

Outside of Ricker