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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

ABZ: Artists' Books & Zines: Collections

A guide to the artist's books and zines in Ricker's collections, materials across the university library system, notable makers of interest, and further related resources.

Selected Artists' Books at Ricker

Overview of the Artists' Book Collections

At Ricker

Ricker Library has a collection of artists' books and zines utilized by the students, faculty, & community in printmaking and graphic design, but also across studio art, art education, art history, industrial design, and architecture. On this page, you'll find examples of works in the collection that can be requested through the direct links to their catalog records.


Currently, Ricker Library is looking to focus the expansion of its collection to increase the range of construction techniques and methods represented. This is in tandem with collection development across Ricker that is focusing on collecting further materials by and about contemporary BIPOC scholars and practitioners across art, architecture & design in continuance with Ricker's Anti-Racism Commitments. 


Suggestions & Feedback

What would you be especially curious to see? Are there works you would like to see re-contextualized? How would you want to engage these books with us? Please let us know through the form for Suggestions & Feedback at the start and end of this guide!


Where else to Look?

Of course, Ricker Library doesn't have an exclusive claim of any sort to artists' books. More can be found in: 

The Rare Book & Manuscript Library 

Oak Street Library 

Main Stacks Library 



What does it mean when they're located in "Vaults/Closed Stacks/Non-Circulating"?

Mainly, that you will not be able to take the materials home with you! The materials are still available for use. When the works are noted as being in a Vault, or similarly, in Closed Stacks or even simply labeled as Non-Circulating, there's usually preservation concerns which have placed them into more controlled environments. They might be especially fragile or require special housing because regular shelving is impeded by their design. Please feel free to request them or to contact us with any questions you may have! 

Videos of Artists' Books at Ricker

Artists' Books at the University Libraries

The following databases are great places to search for journals, articles, essays, and reviews:


These are some specific examples of materials you can find through them: