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Student Exhibits at MPAL: For Ukraine: An Exhibit of Arts & Culture

For Ukraine: An Exhibit of Arts & Culture

This exhibit was curated by the students of MUS 512: Introduction to Ethnomusicology (Kirsten Barker, Alina Dorion, Condy Yuemeng Li, and Reginald Payne) and the course instructor, Dr. Donna A. Buchanan. Assistance was provided by the Russian, East European, and Eurasian Center (Dr. Maureen Marshall, Associate Director and Danielle Sekel, Incoming Outreach & Programming Coordinator) and the Music & Performing Arts Library. 

The exhibit was arranged thematically, with each shelf or flat case representing a specific aspect of Ukrainian arts and culture. The themes included were Ukrainian Classical Music, Popular Culture and Revolution, Ukrainian Traditional Music, Religion, Children, Chornobyl, Kyiv (Ukraine’s Capital), Ukrainian Arts, Ukrainian Dance, Ukrainian Minstrelsy, and Ukrainian Musical Instruments. 

Exhibit Photos

Photograph showing the full first floor exhibit

Flat case theme: Ukrainian Needlecraft

A close up of the first case showing CDs, a lyric sheet, and a religious icon

Top shelf theme: Ukrainian Classical Music
Second shelf theme: Religion

Shelf theme: Kyiv, Ukraine's Capital

Shelf theme: Popular Culture and Revolution

Shelf theme: Children

Shelf theme: Ukrainian Arts

Shelf theme: Ukrainian Traditional Music

Shelf theme: Chornobyl

Shelf theme: Ukrainian Dance

Shelf theme: Ukrainian Musical Instruments

Shelf theme: Ukrainian Minstrelsy

Selected Exhibit Materials

For additional items, see the Library Resources page.

For additional resources, see the Library Audio & Media page.